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David C. Molik

Computational Biology PhD Student, Univerity of Notre Dame


University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN
Phd. Integrated BioMedical Sciences
Advisor: Michael Pfrender
Aug/2016 –

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
BS. Information Technology and Web Science
Concentration in Communications
Aug/2009 – Dec/2012


Graduate Research Assistant in Emrich lab, University of Notre Dame – Notre Dame, IN
Aug/2016 – Dec/2017

Scientific Informatics Developer, Cold Spring Harbor Labratory – Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Dec/2014 – Aug/2016

Software Engineer, Synacor – Buffalo, NY
July/2013 – Nov/2014

Undergraduate Researcher, Tetherless World Constellation – Troy, NY
Aug/2012 – Jan/2013

NSF REU, SUNY at Buffalo – Buffalo, NY
May/2012 – Aug/2012

Internship, Tetherless World Constellation – Troy, NY
May/2010 – Aug/2010


Ho, Yu-Jui , Naishitha Anaparthy, David Molik, Toby Aicher, Ami Patel, James Hicks, Molly G. Hammell. “SAKE (Single-cell RNA-Seq Analysis and Klustering Evaluation) Identifies Markers of Resistance to Targeted BRAF Inhibitors in Melanoma Cell Populations” Preprint: bioRxiv, 2017. doi:10.1101/239319.

Molik, David C., Michael Pfrender, Scott Emrich. “Methods in Description and Validation of Local Metagenetic Microbial Communities” Preprint: bioRxiv, 2017. doi:10.1101/198614.

Cumming, Grant P., Tara French, Jamie Hogg, Douglas McKendrick, Heidi Gilstad, David Molik, and Joanne S. Luciano. “Trust and Provenance in Communication to eHealth Consumers.” In The Digitization of Healthcare, pp. 189-203. Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2017. doi:10.1057/978-1-349-95173-4_11.

Cumming, Grant P., Douglas McKendrick, Jamie Hogg, Tara French, Eva Kahana, David Molik, and Joanne S. Luciano. “Formulating eHealth Utilizing an Ecological Understanding.” In The Digitization of Healthcare, pp. 81-98. Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2017. doi:10.1057/978-1-349-95173-4_5.

Cumming, Grant P., Edward Morris, Paul Simpson, Tara French, Eva Kahana, Joanne S. Luciano, and David Molik. “The future of post-reproductive health–The role of the Internet, the Web, information provision and access.” Post Reproductive Health, 2016, 123-130. doi:10.1177/2053369116647858.

Molik, David, and Michelle Sharer. “The Use of Recursive Bisection in the Mapping of Sample New York State Electoral Districts.” Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Electronic Governance, 2012, 520–21. doi:10.1145/2463728.2463844.


Only Talks and Posters in which I am the First or Last Author

[talk] Molik, David, Michael Pfrender, Scott Emrich. “K-mer comparison methods in metagenomics, applications at the community level.” In Proceedings of Genome Informatics 2017. Cold Spring Harbor, 2017. https://meetings.cshl.edu/abstracts.aspx?meet=INFO&year=17

[poster] Molik, David, Yu-Jui Ho, Ying Jin, and Molly Hammell. “Deployment of a Bioinformatics Analytics Platform in the Cloud.” Proceedings of The Biological Data Science, 2016. https://meetings.cshl.edu/abstracts.aspx?meet=DATA&year=16.

[talk] Molik, David. “Implementing Best Practices in Bioinformatics, Issues of Data And Computational Tool Access That Will Affect Data Science in the Near Future.” In DATA ANALYTICS ACROSS DISCIPLINES: ACADEMIC ADVANCEMENT AND BUSINESS COMPETITIVENESS. Niagara Falls: National Professional Science Master’s Association, 2016. http://www.dataanalyticsacrossdisciplines.org/.

[poster] Molik, David, Ying Jin, and Molly Hammell. “EDGY—Export of Data from Galaxy to Yabi, Automated Workflow Transfer to Command Line Tool” Proceedings of The Biology of Genomes, 2016. https://meetings.cshl.edu/abstracts.aspx?meet=genome&year=16..

[poster] Molik, David, Ying Jin, and Molly Hammell. “Automated Transfer of Workflows from Galaxy to Yabi and Command Line Tools.” In Proceedings of Genome Informatics 2015, 151. Cold Spring Harbor, 2015. https://meetings.cshl.edu/abstracts.aspx?meet=info&year=15.

[talk] Luciano, Joanne, Grant Cumming, Eva Kahana, Tara French, and David Molik. “Health Web Science: Health Science, the Web and Web Observatories.” Proceedings of INFORMS HEALTHCARE – 2015. http://meetings2.informs.org/wordpress/healthcare2015/.


Undergraduate Thesis, titled: “Oat: Comparing Ontologies and Text” Focused on Semantic Web Technologies and Distance Measures, Fall 2012

AWS Grants, Received 10000 in AWS Could Credits for Research for exploring alternative bioinformatics research systems in the Amazon Cloud for 2016 and received 30000 in AWS Could Credits for Research for exploring alternative bioinformatics research systems in the Amazon Cloud for as co-investigator in 2017

Awarded “Rapid Exposure to Advanced Computational Training” (REACT) Program Grant, received $1500 in funding for attendance to Computational Short Course - Summer 2017

Awarded “Graduate Student Union Conference Presentation Grant” (GSU CPG) to attend CSHL Genome Informatics 2017

Eagle Scout, Achieved the Rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts of America